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Peer Evangelism and
Leading Youth Training
* Teens Involved Going Evangelizing Regularly





 Training, challenging, and equipping teenagers, preteens, and adults:
- peer evangelism, creative Christian communication, leadership


Peer evangelism and Leading Youth Christian leadership training are vital to TTT's mission: To communicate Christianity to and through teenagers... to win them to Christ and train them for Christ... teaching them how to share their faith through their local churches, on their campuses, throughout their communities, and into their world, wherever God leads them in their future. Teenagers are at a crucial time in their lives - faced with constantly increasing pressures; they are searching for real answers. A study has shown that 85% of those who do not accept Christ by age 18 never will. Our vision is for every youth to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel clearly and effectively, with an invitation to "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ," before his or her 20th birthday. When properly taught and equipped, Christian youth can be the most effective communicators of the Gospel with their peers.


As we celebrate 54 years and 2,800 consecutive Saturdays and beyond, we are renewing every part of our ministry, and trusting God for expanded outreach in youth evangelism. We need to train an army of Christian teenagers in peer evangelism, who will take the Gospel to their world - through their churches, at school, and at TIGER*Team IMPACT and Fair Share evangelistic youth efforts. We are also working to partner with local cooperating Bible-believing churches, providing "coach's" training for adult youth leaders - especially volunteer youth workers.


Preparing and teaching TIGER*Team students in peer evangelism and Christian leadership, and sending groups of 3 TIGERS to Go into their campus / community with the Gospel.

K.E.Y. Action Plan sessions and resources for adult youth workers as coaches. Basic and advanced tracks for students and leaders.



Reaching TRIstate youth for CHRIST since 1966

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