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Mary Dooms
June 13, 1932 - October 12, 2014
Well done, good and faithful servant!

Mary Margaret Greer Dooms was born June 13, 1932 near Mt. Vernon, Illinois; and was born again at age 7. At age 12, she was baptized by her father, Rev. J.C. Greer. She dedicated her life totally to the Lord on the basis of Romans 12:1-2 at the second
Mt. Carmel Youth For Christ rally in 1949.

Mary Greer and George Dooms met as students at Mt. Carmel (Illinois) High School. Their first ministry together occurred when both represented their churches as student committee members of Mt. Carmel's Youth for Christ. Both Mary and George sang in the YFC Chorale, directed by Jeanne Seitz Capin. During their dating days, George taught Mary to drive. They literally criss-crossed America by car.

Mary and George were married June 18, 1950. Mary and George's life verse: "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28 NKJV

During their first year at Bob Jones University, Mary and George traveled every Saturday from Greenville, South Carolina to Hendersonville, North Carolina for Youth for Christ rallies meeting in the County Courthouse, where Mary played an old-fashioned pump organ.

Mary served as secretary of Gospel Advertising Association in Greenville, South Carolina, 1951-1960; which Mary and George began with George’s parents. She also served with Youth for Christ International in Wheaton, Illinois, 1960-1963; and as Secretary with Word in Waco, Texas, 1963-1965.

After years of marriage and several miscarriages, Mary asked George if they should consider adoption. Shortly after moving to Waco, they learned that Mary was expecting. Linda Rae was born prematurely in October 1963, living only 4 days. Mary and George never got to hold her. They were devastated, but knew God was in control.

In February 1965, Tami Leigh was born. God opened the door in the Tri-State, and James Lawson was born in July 1966. Tami and James literally “grew up” at TTT, went to Christian schools, and became very involved at TTT. Introduced in their birth announcements as “World Changers,” both have proven the prediction correct.
Mary co-founded TTT Christian Youth Ministries (Tri-State Youth for Christ) with her husband George, in February 1966. Mary continued to serve as TTT’s Executive Secretary through October 2014. She has been consistently involved in the every Saturday evening youth evangelism events at TTT.

God miraculously provided a house, 4 miles North of Evansville Regional Airport on US 41, for the ministry headquarters and Dooms family residence. They have flown together on many occasions and transported many guests to and from TTT and the Airport.

Mary prepared and served food for countless teenagers and leaders from across America and around the world. She ministered quietly behind the scenes for multiple evangelistic youth efforts. Mary, with her 2 brothers’ assistance, made 100 Christian flags to carry “on parade” and on county courthouse steps. Whether using computer, typewriter, oven, stove, or needle and thread, Mary did everything with excellence.

She did it all for the glory of God.

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